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Hylton Memorial Chapel (HMC) is pleased that you are considering utilizing the facility for your upcoming wedding. HMC recommends that you secure this facility as early as possible. There is a great demand for weddings at the facility.


HMC wants this day to be perfect, just as you do; this brochure has been compiled outlining the policies with regard to weddings. Although it is indeed extensive, it is asked that you read it very carefully. The extent to which you are familiar with the information contained within this brochure will be the extent to which problems and surprises are minimized.

The facility's wedding chapel is a sought-after location by couples considering matrimony. Entering the facility, one passes through the impressive columns of the main entrance, housing a beautiful scene of the Last Supper in stained glass. The steeple towers one hundred-thirty feet above ground level. Within the bell tower are larger-than-life images of Christ and the angels, which herald his appearance. The carillon provides beautiful harp and bell renditions from the steeple.


The Wedding Chapel will comfortably seat approximately 175 persons. The room is a traditional Colonial Williamsburg design two stories in height. Twelve-foot high stained glass windows are located on each side of the chapel, each commemorating a statement by Christ. At the front of the chapel, a six-foot round motif of the ascension lights the chancel area. On each side of this window are rows of pipes accommodating the sound for one of the few pipe organs in the area.

The pews and chancel furniture are white with mahogany trim. Just outside the wedding chapel is the Bridal Preparation Room. This area is specially designed to provide the bride and her attendants a beautiful place to prepare for the most special day of her life. This room is provided with a private outside entrance, so as to avoid being seen before that special moment. The use of this room is included in the price of any wedding.

For large ceremonies with over 200 guests in attendance, the main auditorium is also available. The lower level of this room will accommodate 2500. Both the sanctuary and the wedding chapel have a center aisle. For receptions, there is the reception room that will accommodate approximately 150 guests. This room features twelve-foot high stained glass windows with life-size images of important Bible personalities. It also includes the warmth of a marble-faced fireplace. For larger receptions, we offer the lower level of the foyer.


Scripture gives the following admonition, "Marriage should be honored by all..." (Hebrews 13:4 NIV). Just as the Bible directs us, we believe the marriage ceremony to be a very sacred occasion. For this reason we have established the following guidelines which will be in effect for all weddings.



1. Please submit all payments by Cash, Check or Credit Card. Hylton Memorial Chapel (HMC) accepts Master Card, Visa and American Express. A 4% charge will be applied to any/all payments made with a credit card. A Security Deposit is required with the application. HMC will not enter any ceremony on the calendar for which there is not a deposit. It is understood that the Security Deposit may be held in an interest bearing account and will be refunded, without accrued interest, within 30 business days after your wedding. The Security Deposit is in addition to and NOT part of the rental fees.

2. The price of your wedding is locked in at the time you pay your Security Deposit.

3. Should you not carry through with the outlined counseling requirements (found in REQUIREMENTS section), HMC reserves the right to cancel your ceremony and retain your deposit.

4. It should be understood that the bride and groom are ultimately responsible for damages to the building, violations of policy and/or penalties for vacating the facility after the agreed upon time. If damages result from your wedding or you exceed the time limit for departure, the charges will be so stated at the conclusion of your ceremony and will be deducted from your Security Deposit.


1. Premarital counseling is required for all couples being married at HMC.

2. If utilizing HMC’s minister, arrangements must be made for counseling to be taken through HMC. The cost for this is outlined in the Itemized Wedding Fees section of this application.

3. If utilizing a minister other than HMC’s, this minister must provide written verification that the couple being married is receiving counseling through him/her. It is the responsibility of the couple to make certain HMC receives this verification at least four weeks prior to the ceremony.

4. HMC must provide candles and candelabras used in the facility. There is a vast collection of candelabras and other wedding equipment available for use as a rental package.

5. The couple will be given the option of choosing their own minister, organist or soloist(s), or allowing the Chapel to procure one. However, the services of the Wedding Director must be provided by HMC.

6. Any changes in the time, date, or circumstances surrounding the wedding must be requested in writing by the bride and groom well in advance of the wedding date. These changes are subject to approval by the HMC Executive Director. A rescheduling fee will be charged.

7. HMC expects all ministers performing ceremonies within the facility to be from an Orthodox Christian faith. HMC reserves the right to refuse to allow any ceremony or outside minister that does not, in its estimation, fall in line with the statement of faith. While HMC is indeed a nondenominational chapel, it is a Christian facility and offers the facility for Christian ceremonies only. A statement of faith is available upon request. "Marriage is ordained of God and is a spiritual union in which a man and a woman are joined by God to live together as one (Genesis 2:24; Mark 10:7)." 

8. If this is not the first marriage for either you or your spouse, please bring this to the attention of your counselor during your first meeting. Also, share with us whether you have children.



1. All payments to HMC must be in the form of cash, check, or credit card.

2. All LATE payments must be in the form of cash or a bank check or cashier’s check payable to HMC.

3. A 4% charge will be applied to any/all payments made with a credit card.

4. HMC will assess a $50.00 penalty fee for all returned checks.

5. The Security Deposit is due when you turn in your completed and signed application agreement to reserve a date and time for your ceremony and/or reception.

6. Payment for premarital counseling is required on the day of your scheduled counseling session.

7. Final payments for your ceremony and/or reception are due to HMC two weeks prior to your ceremony/reception date.

8. Honorariums and fees for services are payable directly to the individual performing the service, i.e., organist, minister, wedding director, etc.

BUILDING RESTRICTIONS/POLICIES Hylton Chapel is a religious institution, and as such seeks to maintain a general attitude of reverence in the facility and on the property.

1. Smoking and/or vaping is strictly prohibited inside the building.

2. No alcoholic beverages of any kind anywhere on HMC property.

3. HMC requires that wedding receptions exceeding 175 guests be held in the Foyer and the ceremony be held in the Main Auditorium. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

4. Please refrain from throwing confetti. Rice, birdseed and bubbles are acceptable OUTSIDE the building.

5. Only artificial flowers/petals are to be dropped in the aisle.

6. Only LED candles are permitted for use during any event.

7. HMC reserves the right to refuse to schedule any ceremony for any reason. The facility accommodates a vast variety of uses and there may be dates in which the facility is unavailable for use.

8. For those services where communion is served, light colored liquids are to be used. Common emblems (bread & juice) are not supplied by Hylton Chapel and are therefore the responsibility of the bride and groom.

9. Music should be suitable for a religious ceremony. Please allow the Wedding Director or Chapel Minister to approve the music if there is any question or if it is not a standard piece often used at weddings. This applies to the background music as well as songs performed during and after the ceremony.

10. Please ensure that members of the wedding party and guests are not in areas of the building that are not utilized by your wedding. In addition, unauthorized persons are not to play or have access to the musical instruments.

11. The guidelines concerning building use should be kept in mind when decorating vehicles after the ceremony. Nothing deemed to be profane, vulgar, or in poor taste will be permitted.


1. A ceremony that is canceled more than one year prior to the wedding date will be charged $100.00.

2. A ceremony that is canceled between one year and six months prior to the wedding date will be charged 50% of the Security Deposit.

3. A ceremony that is canceled less than six months prior to the wedding date will be charged 100% of the Security Deposit.

4. All cancellations must be made in writing by the bride and groom.

5. Couples who reschedule their wedding date will be charged a rescheduling fee. The couple will also be subject to any change in price.


1. The Wedding Director, provided by HMC, is our designated representative to direct all aspects of your wedding taking place within the facility. You are welcome to procure your own wedding consultant provided that you understand that the Wedding Director for Hylton Chapel will be directing the rehearsal and the ceremony. To avoid any misunderstandings, please make sure this is clearly understood by any person you may have asked to assist, as well as relatives or friends who may be helping with your ceremony.

2. The Wedding Director is available to assist you by phone in the planning of some of the minor aspects of your wedding. She will also direct each person in your wedding party during both the rehearsal and the actual ceremony. Attending to her direction will ensure your ceremony is a more orderly and successful event. Please understand, however, that she provides only a basic service consisting of coordinating the various elements of your ceremony. These services are limited to coordination of an organist, sound technician, minister, etc. in preparation for the ceremony. Additional services or appointments are charged a consultation fee.

3. To ensure a smooth ceremony, adequate planning is essential. The bride and groom should provide all details surrounding the ceremony and/or reception several weeks prior to the wedding date to the Wedding Director. Two or three weeks prior to the ceremony, the Wedding Director will schedule a meeting with the bride and groom to cover details of the rehearsal. At that meeting, final charges payable to HMC will be totaled.


1. Hylton Memorial Chapel provides a total of 2½ hours for your wedding ceremony. The bridal party will be given access to the building one hour prior to the scheduled ceremony time, leaving 1½ hours for the ceremony and pictures. (i.e. Scheduled ceremony time: 3:00 p.m. Doors would open at 2:00 p.m. Doors would be locked at 4:30 p.m.)

2. If you feel you need more time than the provided time allotment, additional time will be billed to you based upon availability. This information should be provided as soon as possible because HMC may not be able to provide you access more than one hour prior to or following your ceremony due to other scheduled events.

3. Please be considerate of other events that may be following your ceremony. It is essential that your wedding and/or reception begin on time. This will allow adequate time for your guests to enjoy your ceremony and subsequent celebration. Please understand that our Wedding Director will prompt you in this regard should things not be moving as planned. Keep in mind the “Golden Rule” and understand that you would not want a previous ceremony to delay your ceremony.

4. The time allotments HMC has specified have proven to be adequate for virtually all previous weddings. However, HMC does often book weddings back to back in an attempt to allow everyone an opportunity to utilize the facility. HMC reserves the right to retain the Security Deposit of couples that do not depart within their designated time. This applies to the wedding rehearsal, ceremony and/or reception. For services that go beyond the agreed upon time limit, a fee to cover the additional personnel and building use will be charged at the rate of 1/10 of the user fee for each half hour.


1. Your wedding rehearsal will typically be scheduled the evening prior to your ceremony at either 4:00 or 5:00. Please provide the preferred rehearsal date with your application. In some rare cases, the rehearsal may have to be held on a Thursday evening preceding a Saturday wedding. In most cases, the facility will have already been cleaned in preparation for your ceremony. The manner in which the wedding party leaves the facility will determine how it appears for the ceremony. It is essential that the wedding rehearsal be conducted in an orderly and timely manner. One hour is allotted for your rehearsal.


1. Receptions are allotted six hours; this includes load-in and load-out times. If this presents a problem, please discuss it with the Wedding Director at the time you make your initial reservation. Any requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing to HMC.

2. Music for the reception should be appropriate for a church. Nothing deemed profane, vulgar, or in poor taste will be permitted. Please communicate this to your wedding party. Please allow the Wedding Director or Chapel Minister to approve the music if there is any question or if it is not a standard piece often used at weddings. This applies to the background music used for receptions.

3. If you are having your reception at HMC, a professional caterer that is licensed and bonded must be used.

4. Only LED candles are permitted for use during any event.

5. HMC requests only light-colored beverages are served on the premises during wedding receptions. (Exceptions are coffee and tea.)

6. HMC cannot be responsible for accommodating changes made immediately prior to the reception, as all persons involved will have been instructed as to your original wishes. You should provide HMC with the essential information in regard to the setup of rooms, etc., no later than two weeks prior to your ceremony/reception.


1. Please instruct all persons related to your wedding that there should be no one on the stage or moving about at the front of the chapel during any part of the ceremony. This pertains especially to photographers and videographers. Unmanned video cameras on a tripod are allowed on the stage only in designated areas where they will not be obtrusive. Please make sure your photographer and video personnel understand these policies. No persons other than the wedding party and minister are to be on the stage during the ceremony.

2. Flash photography is prohibited during the ceremony. Once the ceremony has begun (with the giving away of the bride) photographers must use visible light. Flash photography may begin once the groom has kissed the bride.






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The information provided herein is true to the best of our knowledge. We have carefully read and fully understand all policies relating to weddings at Hylton Memorial Chapel. We understand that the bride and groom take full responsibility for the adherence to these policies by everyone involved in the wedding, including florists, photographers, etc. There will be no alcohol in any form on the premises. Should alcohol be brought upon the property by anyone in the wedding party, HMC will cancel any further activities and ask your party to leave immediately. We understand that failure to comply with these policies, by anyone in the wedding party and/or guests, may result in the cancellation of the wedding as well as the forfeiture of the security deposit. Information contained herein which is found to be false will be grounds for cancellation of the ceremony and retention of the security deposit. We further understand that we must follow the pre-marital counseling requirements as stated in the application in order to utilize Hylton Memorial Chapel for our wedding ceremony. Should we not undergo the required counseling, we understand that we will not be allowed to proceed with our wedding at HMC, and may forfeit our security deposit holding the date. We agree to be responsible for the care and cleanliness of the facility and understand that appropriate fees may be deducted from our deposit should the building be damaged in any way, left in an unclean or unacceptable manner, or if we vacate the facility after our agreed upon time. By signing below, we also release the Hylton Chapel Minister to confer with the minister performing our ceremony, and release our minister to share information and details regarding our wedding and that we are indeed prepared for marriage. HMC does have the right to book other events in other areas of the facility during the same time frame as our ceremony and/or reception, as long as, in the sole opinion of HMC, such events will not affect or cause interference with our ceremony and/or reception. We understand that all persons involved in the wedding (including guests and the wedding party) must completely vacate the facility within the specified time frame. Should we exceed these limitations; an additional fee will be assessed. In some instances HMC may be unable to allow additional time even with the additional fees due to scheduled events following our ceremony.