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Technical Information


Thank you for bringing your event to Hylton Chapel. Attached you will find a description of the systems you may utilize at Hylton Chapel. If your needs are fully known prior to your contract, these costs will be included in your rental contract with the chapel. More often than not, however, these needs will be developed or changed during the weeks prior to your event. In these cases additional charges will be outlined for you, at any time at your request, prior to your event. Please keep in mind that we prefer to provide all equipment and personnel that you need, even if these items are being rented or subcontracted for you. We will always disclose to you what elements are provided internally and what items may need to be brought in.



The use of in house systems at Hylton Chapel provide us the opportunity to limit the amount of outside vendors in the chapel. In order for this to be advantageous to you, our client, we provide exceptional, state of the art equipment at rates that are well below market value – that is to say, below what you could usually subcontract these systems. There are two major advantages, the first is the reduction in wear and tear on our facility, which provides you protection when having to take responsibility for damage created from vendors in the facility. Also, the speed of load in and setup is greatly reduced due to the use of existing systems within the facility. We carefully monitor the industry to stay cost effective, however, if you find that we need to evaluate our pricing based on your specific needs, please let us know, we would be happy to evaluate this for you. It is our intent to limit the amount of outside vendors being brought into the facility.



Hylton Chapel maintains long standing relationships with industry professionals. We have permanent and temporary staff with some having more than 25 years of professional, entertainment, and corporate experience. Most staff members have both corporate and professional entertainment touring experience, and are licensed where applicable to perform the tasks they are serving. Resumes and personnel information are available to you once a request and booking information has been made. Our senior technical director’s resume is available to you upon your request at any time.





In the beginning of 2008, a major renovation was undertaken to upgrade the internal facility at Hylton Chapel. This included new carpet in the entire facility, painting of the entire facility, reupholstering of the pews and furniture, repair and upgrade of exterior fixtures, hardware, and architectural treatments.


Not the least part of the process was a 1.5 million dollar technical renovation which upgraded the audio, lighting, and video systems within the chapel. Each one of these systems is described below, but not limited to what is mentioned. It is the intent of these descriptions to provide you with enough information to establish which of your needs can be met from a technical basis, and what would need to be subcontracted, if additional needs are required. A reminder, that Hylton Chapel prefers to arrange outside vendors, even vendors of your choosing. This enables that we have an open communication with the vendor and that the vendor is aware of the internal benefits of what we provide. Because cabling and support equipment is permanently installed, we can save a vendor hours of setup and preparation – thus saving you labor and potential hardware costs. While we get preferred pricing from some of our regular vendors, it is not our intention to “markup” pricing from a vendor, making the cost of services more expensive to you. Our costing and pricing structure is based on the use of our internal systems. Included is a description of each of our systems inside the chapel and the subsequent drawing detail.






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